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Dr. Byron Bush Presses Case for Judicial Integrity

Nashville, TN—This week, Dr. Byron Bush requested the Tennessee Court of Appeals review longstanding issues of bias and injustice by state and county judges, saying:

“When a Tennessee judge refuses to hear a single word before sweeping aside alarming allegations of misconduct by other judges he works alongside, it raises credible questions of favoritism and bias, which I am now urging the Tennessee Court of Appeals to address.

Though Williamson County Judge Joseph Woodruff may not have an easy time hearing and weighing the facts of a complaint alleging his friends and colleagues violated their oaths of office by looking out for powerful, connected individuals at the expense of fair, equal, and blind justice, that is exactly what the state constitution and his public duty require. Unfortunately, Judge Woodruff chose to protect his fellow judges from even a moment’s scrutiny instead of upholding the transparency and accountability that comes with the awesome power our citizens bestow upon court officers.

Since this fellowship of close judges apparently can’t be trusted to police the conduct of its own members—or even bothered to listen to a fact-supported complaint of abuses—it is imperative that a higher Tennessee judicial authority step in to ensure the fairness and integrity of our courts.”

In addition to this filing seeking supervening review, Dr. Bush spoke of his proposal for judicial reform, a key plank of his U.S. Senate campaign agenda:

“It has been a great privilege speaking with Tennesseans from all walks of life during the course of this campaign, and one thing I have heard over and over again is that so many others can relate to the battle my wife and I have been waging for truth and justice to prevail in our courts. Far too many have shared with me their own examples of suffering at the hands of a good-ole-boys network of judges, attorneys, and politicians who look out for their own best interests—the interests of justice be damned.

That’s why I’m putting together a three-step plan to reform judicial operations, and why judicial integrity will be a key focus of my work in the Senate. Only with full and fair disclosure of the relationships between all parties to litigation, an on-the-record opportunity to contest the judge’s ruling, and clarification and strengthening of the fraud upon the court statute, can we restore trust in our judges.

As Tennessee’s next U.S. Senator, I pledge to work for the continued confirmation of faithful conservative, constitutionalist judges who will not kowtow to political correctness or put their own personal interests above their duty to dispense justice equally, fairly, and blindly for all Americans.”


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains taken to bring it to light.”

--George Washington



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