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Dr. Byron Bush Calls for Greater Accountability for All Government Officers

Nashville, TN—Today, Dr. Byron Bush “nailed” his five-part proposal to root out government abuse of power and ensure equal access to justice to the doors of the Tennessee Supreme Court building and “e-nailed” it to state legislators, saying:

“Just as Martin Luther in 1517, and Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, issued powerful calls for justice and the end of an intolerable era of corruption and abuse of power at the highest levels of society, so, too, do we find ourselves facing down grave injustices and government abuses today.

I was deeply saddened to see the recent, tragic outcome of the Minneapolis Police officer’s abuse of power that took the life of George Floyd, an awful and senseless encounter like others we have seen before. I join with Americans of all different backgrounds and creeds who are demanding better from the government we entrust to uphold the law, keep us safe, and improve society by promoting peace and stability.

We must not forget the many forms that abuses of power take as they continue to be perpetrated at all levels of government, from uncalled for violence against individuals like Mr. Floyd, to the national security leaders who conspired to deprive President Trump’s team of their rights and liberty, to the local judges who rule to enrich their friends and supporters while ignoring the facts and the law. Whether seemingly small or severe, these crimes besmirch and betray the sacred principles of liberty, equality, and justice upon which our democratic society depends.

As the ancient image of blind justice so aptly depicts, true fairness can only be achieved when those in power act without regard to individual identity, whether marked by one’s race, religion, wealth, social status, or geography.

Since the first days of this campaign, I have been fighting against a system stacked to benefit the well-connected insiders at the expense of regular people. Unfortunately, that fight has been reinforced in the strongest imaginable terms by recent events.

As a true believer in a more limited, fair, and accountable government, I pledge to continue to work for reforms to achieve the promise of our American ideals for all people. I hope you will read my proposals and share your thoughts on how we can work together for a better future for our state and country.”

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  • A shocking February 2020 report out of the University of Illinois-Chicago shows Tennessee is the country’s third most corrupt state after well-known offenders Louisiana and Illinois.

  • Since announcing his candidacy and running TV Ads during this year’s Super Bowl highlighting the abuses of Judge James Martin of Williamson County and Appellate Judge Frank Clement, Dr. Bush has received numerous reports from citizens across the state plagued by the state’s corrupt system of powerfully-connected judges, attorneys, and politicians.

  • Dr. Bush’s proposal contains five elements:

  1. FREE PUBLIC VIDEO STREAMING OF COURT PROCEEDINGS to increase transparency of our court processes;

  2. FULL DISCLOSURE of all parties involved in litigation to prevent a miscarriage of justice due to relationships, pro or con, which give preferential treatment;

  3. REQUIREMENT FOR JUDGES TO DIRECTLY ADDRESS SPECIFIC MATTERS UPON REQUEST to prevent judges from cherry-picking the material facts, facts-that-matter, to support the position of only one party;

  4. OPINION OF DISSENT allowed by the losing party to establish for the record the argument, statutes, and facts that may have been omitted and to show patterns where a judge has failed to uphold the law or has intentionally left out evidence; and

  5. LIMIT SWEEPING CLAIMS OF CREDIBLE OR NON-CREDIBLE TESTIMONY that judges use to shut out evidence undermining their preferred outcome from even appearing in the record.





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