• Dr. Byron Bush

Stop Corruption, Fight for Tennessee

Updated: Jan 25

My wife and I know firsthand from our years-long fight for fair and impartial justice that Tennessee's legal system is broken. Corruption has infiltrated the courts, and certain judges and attorneys are rigging the system to benefit the rich and powerful, while regular folks like you and me can't get a fair shake. I'm a Republican running for U.S. Senate to put an end to politics and usual, and restore power to the people as the Constitution intended.


“Fake news? What about fake justice?

What about corrupt judges who break their oath of office and are biased, giving favors to the rich and powerful?

How can we be a nation of laws if the judges are corrupt?

That’s why I’m calling for an investigation and the impeachment of Judge James Martin and Appellate Judge Frank Clement.

It’s time for judicial reform.

I’m Byron Bush, running for U.S. Senate, and I want you to know…It Matters!”



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