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“Every citizen is supposed to be able to turn to the justice system for relief, not just the wealthy and powerful.  But when it’s the justice system itself that is corrupt—the judges who are advancing the lies—the crisis is dire indeed.


As the next U.S. Senator for Tennessee, I will advance judicial reform legislation to overhaul our court system and fight for the confirmation of honest, proven judges who can be impartial and fair, no matter how little money or power you have.  That’s the way America is supposed to work, and it will be my number one priority in the Senate.” 

                                                                                            –Dr. Byron Bush


I believe that facts matter.  That’s why my wife and I have spent years fighting in court for the truth to come out.  We’ve put our life savings behind this effort.  A greedy, dishonest bank shouldn’t win just because they’ve got all the resources, power, and political access, while we’re just ordinary people.  That’s wrong!


I’m running for Senate because it’s time for the greedy, dishonest bank that’s been attacking us to simply keep their word and honor the plain language of the contract they agreed to.  Sometimes justice is just that simple. 


More important than this one case, it is past time for Tennessee judges to honor their oaths and pay attention to the facts presented at trial, not selectively pick and choose in order to help their friends and colleagues (You’ll read more later about how Williamson County Judge James Martin and Appellate Judge Frank Clement have chosen to ignore inconvenient facts and haven’t been meeting their obligations to uphold justice for all citizens).


My campaign all comes down to this: IT MATTERS who we install in public office to represent our families and our communities.  IT MATTERS that they show honesty and integrity no matter who comes before them, be they friend, foe, family, or total stranger.  Our Constitution states that we are all equal under the law, deserving of the protections of good laws impartially administered, and free to pursue our dreams.  That’s the essence of being a Tennessean and being an American, and it has been since the founding of our nation.  IT MATTERS.


I’m running for Senate to restore transparency and accountability to our public institutions, because right now, the same situation my family is dealing with is also crushing other Tennessee families and small businesses.  When elected, I will get to work immediately to drain the Swamp that’s infecting D.C. and Tennessee.

Don’t just take my word for it.  READ THE PROOF below.


Click here to read a new motion I have filed requesting an independent judge step in and remedy this fraud once and for all.




In 2007, my wife and I took out a loan with Reliant Bank for a new business development opportunity.  Then seven years ago, during the “Great Recession,” our family and small business were struggling to stay above water.  Like many Tennesseans, we worked overtime to adjust to the slumping economy, but despite our best efforts we fell behind.

The plain language of the contract called for the debt to be settled by giving the property over to the bank.  Instead, Reliant tried to game the system, obtaining a low-ball property appraisal and coming after my wife and I for the supposed difference.  But that is not what the agreement we made with the bank specified, and the bank knew it!

In court, the Reliant Bank said the terms they agreed to were a "mistake."  They explained how they had gone behind our backs and tried to change the loan terms unilaterally, without our knowledge or consent.  That's illegal.

And that's when Judge James Martin and Appellate Judge Frank Clement started to undermine justice in Tennessee in favor of the big bad bank.  

You see, Judge Martin's 30-page ruling never once mentioned the plain language of the contract specifying that giving the property to the bank would satisfy the outstanding obligation.  And neither judge paid any attention to the bank's outright admission that they tried to change the loan terms without our knowledge or consent.  By their biased actions and desire to ignore material facts, Judges Martin and Clement brought fraud upon the courts, a grievous crime that must be answered for.



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