Issues that Matter

Tennessee Values

Faith, Family and Truth

One of the greatest things about calling Tennessee home is the set of shared values that have historically united our citizens.  We have long revered individual freedom and liberty, demonstrated compassion and charity to support those in need, and rejected the heavy hand of Big Government.  

At this challenging time in our national life, I believe it is critical we appoint leaders of integrity and faith to protect the values that have made Tennessee a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Failing liberal policies in places like San Francisco and New York City pose a grave threat to our state, as the huge influx of new residents we are seeing seem intent to remake Tennessee in the image of the very same deteriorating places they have left behind—no thanks!

As our next U.S. Senator, I am committed to leading by example and working to uphold the values we cherish.  It seems to me the rest of the country could benefit a great deal from a little bit of Tennessee common sense, and not the other way around.
I hope you’ll join me as we work to protect what’s so great about our state and ensure that outsiders, whether in D.C. or Hollywood or anywhere else, don’t erode our Tennessee values! 

Judicial Integrity

As your Senator, I will work to Drain the Swamp in D.C. and Tennessee!

One of the most critical roles played by the U.S. Senate is advising and voting on the president’s nomination of judges to serve on the nation’s courts.  

My wife and I have seen firsthand what it is like when the cards are stacked against you by an unfair judicial system where a few powerful insiders look out for their own best interests.  That’s why judicial integrity is a top issue for me as I run for this office.  During this campaign, I have heard from other individuals all across the State of Tennessee who haven’t gotten the impartial justice they deserved in court, and that is JUST NOT RIGHT.  

Our country can do better, and in the Senate, I will do better, by fighting for federal judges that will defend the Constitution and take seriously their oath to be fair and impartial for all people, not just the rich and powerful.

President Trump has done an unbelievable job selecting conservative jurists who believe in the Constitution, and our nation will be better off having these men and women faithfully interpreting the laws for years to come.  That’s a huge accomplishment I will work to continue in the Senate.  You can also count on me to fight for legislation reforming our nation’s courts and ensuring that all people have access to equal justice under the law, just as our Founding Fathers intended.

Jobs and Opportunity

I will fight back against Big Government

Working to start and grow our small dental practice, my wife and I learned the hard way just how difficult the federal government can make life for small businesses and their employees.  

A maze of constantly changing rules and regulations, costly compliance and paperwork, and decisions forced upon us by bureaucrats in D.C. who don’t know or understand our profession—all contribute to less time and energy to focus on caring for our patients and providing opportunities for our employees to prosper.

In the U.S. Senate, I will work to limit the role of the federal government to essential functions, and let the states, local communities, and individuals handle what is better left in their hands.  I oppose high-taxing, big-spending, overly-intrusive government in all its many forms, and with your support, I will fight back against the Big Government that too many Democrats AND Republicans have been voting for these days.

There’s no question some rules of the road are important to protect public health and safety, but we have got to get the federal government out of the business of micromanaging our companies and our personal lives.  I hope you’ll join me in fighting back!

Coronavirus / COVID-19

We must face these obstacles with faith, not fear!

Like many Tennesseans, my wife and I have struggled to adapt to the many challenges brought about by the novel coronavirus pandemic facing our nation.  The state and federal responses have affected our ability to spend time with our kids and grandkids, and impacted our ability to see patients in the office.  

I know many of you are experiencing difficult situations of your own.  I hear every day about how “stay at home” requirements have made it harder to work, study, care for family members, and go about our daily lives. 

I strongly agree with President Trump that we must be careful any government imposed “cure” does not become worse than the disease itself.  I urge President Trump and Governor Lee to implement a plan to safely resume the economic activity that is so vital to Tennessee families.  Taking into account the best available medical information, our elected leaders need to make sure people can return to work at the soonest possible opportunity so they can pay their bills and support their families.  I’m encouraged by the steps we’ve seen to begin reopening in recent days.

During this pandemic, we have unfortunately seen examples of gross government overreach, and once this is all done we need to look at protections to make sure that can’t happen again.  The Constitution establishes certain individual rights that should not and cannot be infringed.  It is the government’s job to educate, not dictate how Americans move about their homes and neighborhoods.  While some communities got the balance right, others went way too far.  Remember, it’s “We the People,” not “We the Subjects.”

Despite the many dark realities this new disease has brought upon us, I am grateful to see the way it has also drawn many neighbors and coworkers closer together and prompted acts of incredible kindness and self-sacrifice.  I am personally so grateful to the medical workers, law enforcement officers, and other professionals who have risked their own safety to care for infected individuals and ensure our communities can continue to function.

In the days ahead, Congress will have very important work to do reducing burdensome regulations so America’s small businesses can get back to full strength quickly.  Before this crisis struck, our economy was growing impressively.  As Tennessee’s next Senator, I will partner with colleagues from any state or political background to ensure we enact smart growth policies to get our country and our communities back on their feet.  Passing legislation to fuel investment and re-hiring, and unleash renewed opportunity and prosperity for all Americans is far more important than party politics.  I’ll be ready to work together on day one so the Senate can do its part in this recovery.

We must face these obstacles with faith, not fear!  Will you join me in this important effort?

Border Security and Immigration

First, uphold the law and protect our safety.  Then, ensure an effective process for coming into the country legally.

For far too long, members of Congress have taken a cowardly approach to illegal immigration, choosing to duck the issue rather than deal with the difficult problems head on.  Before anything else, we must uphold the rule of law in this country.  That means no special rewards for those who break the law to serve their own best interests.  In any other context, this simple context would be universally supported, but somehow the liberal Establishment and the media have created the false narrative that it is mean and unfair to require the most basic compliance with the laws of this country, no exceptions.  That’s nonsense!

In the Senate, you can count on my vote for strong border security measures to crack down on drug and human trafficking, eliminate the gang violence devastating many of our communities, and ensure that we know and approve who is coming into our country and why.

We can and should be compassionate—I believe that at church, in my daily life, and in government too.  But that does not mean making excuses for breaking the law.  We need reasonable policies in place that allow legal immigrants to apply, get thoroughly vetted, and then come into our country appropriately, with our permission.

It’s as simple as that.

2nd Amendment

Protect individual rights, don’t bow to liberal media attacks

I am a strong supporter of the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, and I will proudly work to defend them at all costs.  

The Second Amendment is a critical protection of all of the other rights and privileges established by the Constitution.  In the U.S. Senate, you can be sure I will vote to continue to defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen.

I agree that we need to ensure the availability of effective mental health resources for those in need.  We must also support our law enforcement as they keep our communities safe.  But I will strongly oppose any effort to seize the property or restrict the rights of responsible citizens under the guise of addressing a small subset of troubled individuals.


Love means never having to say you’re sorry

I am a strong champion of life and will vote to protect the unborn.  Tennessee has a proud legacy of pro-life legislation that should be a model for the federal government, ensuring every American child has the best possible opportunity to be born, loved, thrive, and succeed.

If you’re pro-choice, choose life!  Your child will thank you for it.

Transportation, Infrastructure & Broadband Connectivity

Focus resources where they’re needed most in our state

Throughout his first campaign, President Trump highlighted the sorry state of infrastructure in America—crumbling roads and bridges, dilapidated airports, run-down public schools.  I know this message struck a chord with me, and I think it did with many Americans across the country who can see every day that our country has fallen into a sorry state of disrepair while generation after generation of typical politicians have diverted funding to more and bigger government programs.

Transportation and infrastructure investment is one of the core functions the federal government can and should focus on.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the core areas of federal responsibility that has been neglected the most.

Rather than spending tax dollars on the countless frivolous projects and wasteful and duplicative programs we have seen for far too many years, I will support a responsible plan to bring our infrastructure up to date, creating jobs and strengthening the economy in the process.  In addition to transportation projects, broadband accessibility is critical need in many parts of our state that is often overlooked by officials focusing only on traffic problems in major metropolitan areas.  In the Senate I will work to make sure federal programs are prioritizing the broadband connectivity our businesses and residents across the state need to compete in the global economy and fuller participate in all the ways technology has improved communication, banking, learning, and so much more.

In any conversation about transportation and infrastructure, we have to remember that a one-size-fits-all solution won’t work.  Nashville’s traffic snarl is a far different challenge than the lack of quality transportation options in rural parts of the state, and each problem will need to be tackled in its own fashion.  The same is true for broadband.  Most of Middle Tennessee has ready access to high-speed internet, but that’s not the case in some parts of East and West Tennessee.  Being able to fully participate in the many ways the internet can help stay in touch with family, excel at our jobs, and learn and grow is essential today.  You can count on me to work to make sure more Tennesseans in more places have those opportunities.

As Tennessee’s next Senator, I pledge to listen to community and business leaders to ensure federal activities are focusing resources where they’re needed most in our state, including for high-priority projects important to East, Middle, and West Tennessee.

A Balanced Budget

Practical, responsible budgeting

Looking at charts of federal taxing and spending over many decades is enough to make me sick.  For too long, legislators and bureaucrats in Washington have been spending our tax dollars like drunken sailors, making little effort to ensure worthy results.  And every time the bank account gets low, they simply come in and take even more of our hard-earned dollars to keep the failed machine of Big Government in business.  

We can do better, and in the Senate, I will do better, voting to cut back on government programs that can’t demonstrate exceptional value for the American people.  I will oppose legislation that seeks to grow the size and cost of the federal government instead of fixing its shortcomings and making improvements to the countless projects and programs already in place.  

For regular people like you and me, it’s clear that Washington is sorely lacking the accountability to make wise spending choices and balance the budget.  These are the kind of choices businesses and families like yours and mine must contend with every day, and I am committed to bringing that same practical, responsible budgeting to my service for our state.


Putting patients first, not Big Government

When Obamacare was enacted a decade ago, liberal elites were ecstatic to see our country start down the road to socialized, government-run healthcare.  Many of Obamacare’s strongest supporters have been clear that is their goal.

As the American people have learned the hard way, even Obamacare, just one step down the road to the socialized medicine dream Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and the Democratic Party’s other top leaders are championing, has devastated the American healthcare system.  As things stand, costs continue to rise with no end in sight, while federal control of our personal healthcare decisions continues to grow.  Imagine if they got their way entirely!  

I was furious to see House and Senate Republican majorities in 2017 let their own political ambitions and petty squabbles get in the way of repealing and replacing Obamacare when we had the chance.  Since then, it seems our elected representatives have given up any effort to keep fighting for true health reform that gets Big Government out of the way.

In the Senate, I will support smart, targeted policies to ensure access to affordable health insurance, like enhancing the ability of small businesses to pool their resources together for greater leverage when bargaining for insurance plans.  I will support more flexibility for Americans to set aside tax-advantaged dollars to plan and pay for future healthcare costs.  And I will work to trim down, re-focus, and improve government healthcare programs so that they truly serve those in need.

There’s no question government handouts can earn votes come election time, but I will not be supporting free government benefits for those who won’t even lift a finger to try to help themselves.

President Trump has achieved some important accomplishments to limit the damage of Obamacare.  In the Senate, I’ll put my interest and background of healthcare to work to make sure that one failed attempt to fix Obamacare isn’t the last word.  The American people deserve better.


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